Get your Learn On…

Brandon started soccer again this past weekend.  He loved it!  He has had practices before but this was his first “game”.  We didn’t know what to expect.  Will he be timid, aggressive, play with the grass?

He was timid at first, not really understanding what to do.  After some direction and watching the older players, he began to get more aggressive, even trying to steal from his own teammates on occasion 😉  This is only the beginning!  I look forward to what Brandon will learn each and every week.

Then a random thought came to my brain…

If Brandon wants to get better at soccer he needs to be taught how to play and shown what to do.  But then what about our Christian walk?  If we want to grow in Jesus then we need to be willing to learn and be taught, shown what to do!  This is “discipleship”.  We need to be discipled…continually!

We can never think that we have attained all that we ever need to know.  Our walk doesn’t stop with “salvation”.  That is only the beginning.  We should always try to improve and grow in the wisdom of Jesus.  In order to do that we need to need to find some people that we trust that will encourage our growth in God and help strengthen our walk with Jesus.   Parents we can and should be discipling our kids.  But don’t forget that you need to be discipled too!

So if you want to see the potential growth that God has for you find some people that would be willing to disciple you…  And if you want to see the potential growth of Brandon’s soccer abilities, come check out one of his games and cheer him as well as the other players on Saturdays at the Centre.


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