One Man’s Journey…

path 1Today I was a part of something amazing.

Today one of the teenage boys in the youth group was set out on a journey, a journey to become a MAN in his walk with God and his relationship with Jesus.  This started over a month ago when his dad told me about what he wanted to do for his son and  asked if I would be a part of it with four other guys who have had an influence on his son.  Of course I said yes which lead us to today…

The five of us got set at different areas along a path.  The teen’s journey started with his dad who shared some verses and thoughts to impart in his son.  Then he sent his son on a journey down a path leading into a forest that I know he would never forget.  His first stop was with me where I talked to him about 1) Faith.  He then went on to  2) Mission, 3) Integrity, 4) Purity, and finally 5) Family, the history and how they can help in his walk with God.

path 2

After everyone was done we shared a meal together where his dad presented his son with a baseball that each of us signed with today’s date so that he can use it to remember what happened this day!  Jacob, Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your life journey!  And don’t forget, as you go through life remember to say these two things from the top of your lungs…


Here was a portion of his response on his Facebook site:

“When I woke up this morning I didn’t think I would go on a journey to become a Man of Christ but by the people God uses in our lives and by me going in this journey my dad planned for me, I am now a Man in the body of Christ and a Man in my faith, thank you everyone that has helped me through temptations of what I have gone through in the past couple years and please continue to pray for me and I just want to thank everyone that was giving me encouragement and the support I needed to get out of what I was going through and for making me a Man of Christ.”

Welcome to being a Man of God!  Allow Jesus to continue to do an amazing thing in you and through you!


One thought on “One Man’s Journey…

  1. What a loving and smart idea for a parent to do for their child. I will be planning one for my daughter. What an honor to be called upon. It helps to have a village to love our children.

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