Laugh of a little boy…

fair grandstandThis past week has been one that I won’t soon forget.

This was FAIR WEEK!

We spent the mornings watching some of the students from church show their animals, from pigs to horses to beef & dairy calves.  They all did a great job, even if they didn’t always feel that way.  The laughter, the crying, the smiling, the frustrations all come out but I love seeing the students do something they enjoy.

fair jetskiThe best part of the week happened Thursday afternoon/evening.  It was something my son had waited all week for…THE RIDES!  He even offered to pay for the wristband with his own money.  Such a sweet kid.  He and I negotiated and we settled on a 50/50 split for the wristband.

fair funhouse

I was looking forward to watching him do all the rides.  He started off with the two fun-houses and then moved over to the dragon roller coaster.  He even put his hands up on the ride 🙂 Then he wanted to do some of the rides where he needed an adult so guess what, I did what any loving father would do…bought my own wristband, with my own money.  🙂  (Not that I needed much convincing)

What happened next I will never forget!

fair midwayWe rode the Ferris Wheel and enjoyed the view over the whole fair!  Next up was the Giant Slide and that is where is started.  Brandon was full of life and began his laugh!  We continued down the slide just a few times more times, or 5.  He then rode some more rides by himself and then he saw it…

The Tilt-A-Whirl!

We got in and I didn’t quite know how my little adventurer would take this.  We started and before too long that laugh came full force, even a little giddy, and had me laughing and just sitting back watching my son enjoy himself.  My love for him grew even more.  I love to hear him laugh and bring enjoyment to his life…

But this made me realize something even more…

Truly how much Jesus loves me and Brandon, and Denise, and all of you!  That laugh showed me how much I truly do love my son and that that is nothing to how much Jesus loves me.  It is because of His love for me that I can love my son, my wife, my family & friends!  I want His love to continue to pour out of me and offer hope to those around me.

Sometimes we get too busy in life and need to take time to see Jesus around us so that the hope and love of Jesus can be poured out through us.  Will you take some time to see Jesus today?

For me…it began with a the laugh of a little boy…


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