Tuesday Prayer 10-1-13

Tuesday Prayer social mediaEach Tuesday I am committing to praying for our students, our church, & our community!  I meet with God in the sacred space in our church known as the youth room ;)  Will you pray with me?  There truly in power in prayer and we need prayer warriors for our students, church, & community.  Now I write this mainly for those in the Adrian, MI community but do appreciate the prayers of those no matter where you are in the world!

This weeks focus: Praying for our students & parents navigating the use of social media.

Some thoughts to think about when praying:

Social media can be a great tool when used properly.  I love to use Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.  Not only can my extended family see what is happening on a regular basis with my family, I use it as a ministry tool for students and parents.

But it can also lead to destruction.  I have seen countless times where using “you name the app” has led to drama and pain in people’s lives.  Cyber bulling has caused numerous people to have hurt in their lives.   When you post gossip and cruel things about someone else, especially anonymously you are being a bully.  STOP! Having access to post whatever thought comes from our minds is not the best use of this technology.  1) I don’t care that you just went to the bathroom & 2) The whole world does not need to see the hate or anger that is spewing from your posts.  It is not necessary nor constructive.  It just shows your heart and how you are treating others.  Is what you are saying offering the grace and love of Jesus?  We all need to think before we type or say a response to people.  There is so much said through social media that would never have been said face to face.  

STOP being like the world and allow Jesus to transform your minds!  You don’t have to get caught up in the drama and bullying.  You can choose to respond by reflecting Jesus.  He is our example of how to live!

PARENTS:  Please watch what your students are doing online and on their phones.  We all need to come together to help and support each other.  Remember ignorance is no excuse.  We need to hold our students accountable for what they are saying and posting.  Help them reflect Jesus with their attitudes and with the things they post.  Help them to be constructive not destructive!


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