Prayers of Students


Each Tuesday I head up to the Element 26 room to pray and each week God REVEALS new things to pray about. This week is no different.  Instead of praying for something in particular, I decided to pray for the requests on our prayer wall.  These requests help me to see their hearts. Here are some of those requests…

– Several are for friends, family, & neighbors to know Jesus &/or are sick.

– Priorities, maturity, thoughts, actions, Social Media

–  To not be shy with my faith & show & tell everyone who Jesus is.

– That the Lord would strength my resolve & lead me only in His path.

– Living my faith out loud!

As you can see, we need to join in by praying for our students to be Jesus in this world.  They have a heart to see others know Him. We need to be that example that they can look to.  How is your prayer life?

Will you join me in praying? Look to Psalm 62:8 for encouragement:

Trust in Him at all times. Pour out your heart to Him, for God is our refuge.

Feel free to come and put your own prayer requests on the wall.  The students will join in praying for all that are there.  We are going to see a movement of God.  He is going to answer these prayer and when that happens they will move to the right so we can see What Good is up to!


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