As for me…

I was reading today from a book I got for Christmas.  It is by Leonard Sweet entitled From Tablet to Table. It is a great book to check out if you haven’t already.

During my reading I ran across this quote…baby toes

A child doesn’t decide to have toes; she discovers that she has them; this is how a child of mine discovers that he or she is already a part of the body of Christ. (From Tablet to Table p.51)

I love this imagery that comes from his words. Have you ever watched a baby find their toes or fingers or other body parts?  It is fascinating as they discover something they always had but never realized it and now get to figure out how to use it. They begin by experimenting what to do with it until they are taught how to use it properly. Yes they still had to learn what it was for, but it was always a part of them.

What about your faith in Jesus?
Are you making it your family’s identity, something that they always had but still need to learn about?

It is important that we who call ourselves Christians make this not just “a part” of who we are but that it is who we are, the whole.  When our children are growing up in our household, do they know that it is their identity, do they see the importance of the family’s faith?  Now yes we still need to “train them in the ways they should go”, but do they know that faith in Jesus is important, that it is their identity?

It’s not just about going to church or praying.  It is so much more than that.  Yes those things are important, but a life with Jesus through the Holy Spirit changes every part of our life.  As a Christian, our identity begins and ends with Jesus. If we are not making it our life what really is the point of following Him?  He didn’t come to transform just a little of our lives, He came to transform all of who we are.

“As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”  ~ Joshua 24:15

I want Brandon and any foster children to know that our family’s faith in Jesus is not just important but that it is who we are, where we find our identity…not just by going to church but by how we treat others, how well we love in action not just words, how we show and share our love of Jesus. This identity is something that he can discover he already had because our lives radiate Jesus.  But that can only happen when we choose to make it happen in our lives and in our families. God wants to live in you and through you but He won’t force it on you. He wants you to come willingly to learn what this thing called faith that is our identity is really all about and how to make it work in our lives.

Will you make Jesus your life this year?  Will your family see that your faith in Jesus is your identity?  Will your family see that they are already a part of the body of Christ by the way you are living? Go and live and let Jesus transform your life and your family’s life this year!



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