The Spirit of Change


When you hear or see the word change, what emotions and feelings flood your body? For me, it is excitement and nervousness all wrapped up into one. I love to see change in the church, to challenge the status quo. It allows us to keep moving with the Spirit and not get stuck. It breeds new ideas and new ways of doing church, fostering relationships, and showing people Jesus! (Message stays the same but methods can change.)

Upper Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan, in autumnChange is not always easy! But change is constant. Change is going on all around us. Just think, in a few weeks change will be in full bloom with the turning of the leaves to various shades of yellows, reds, and oranges. Just like the turning of the colors of leaves change can be beautiful and vibrant. Change can be a very good thing, especially for a church.

Sometimes a church needs change, not just for change sake, but change with a purpose in mind. Churches can get in a rut and struggle to see where we need to go because well, that is not how we have ever done it. Tradition is good and we can learn a lot as we move forward but things that used to work in the 80’s don’t necessarily speak the same way today to the new generations that abound. Some changes help us use the building God has given us in better and sometimes for practical ways.

For instance we have recently moved the kids department into a Jr Church model where they will all be together (K-5th grade). Before, there was two different groups (K-2nd) and (3rd-5th). This change will help foster growth in the kids as they work, learn, sing, play, and share all together. Those that are older will be able to help the younger. Diane is doing a great job leading the kids in  a new direction!

img_20160912_192721This move also helps as it frees up a space that was once used to for kids to now be used by the E4 Youth Group. It is a larger space for the students to be able to do Wednesday nights together. It provides a new space for which they can grow! Stephanie and Kae have done an amazing job getting the room ready! Stephanie is doing a great job leading our students!

I am excited for this new school year for both our kids and youth departments! Will you join in praying for them?

I heard it said somewhere that people don’t really fear change,we fear what we are going to lose with the change. Well with the changes we are moving into, I feel nothing is being taken away but new things are being added!

Another change in our church is in the sanctuary. Here you will notice some physical changes as well as new people being up on the platform helping Dan lead in worship.

A few weeks ago we moved a few pews out and replaced them with chairs. Part of the reason was to bring people closer to the front and closer to each other. It also solved, what I call, the distance problem. People generally like to sit in the back and instead of the chairs being in the back they are now up front. The chairs give us the freedom of doing different things with the space such as having a larger Tell THE Story group.

img_20160912_105505The change that will be noticeable this next week is the platform. The piano has been moved to the other side, we have added an electric drum kit, and there is a new backdrop that can change as needed. These things are an added element to what we will be doing for worship as a church. Remember worship is not really about us, its about Jesus and with these changes it can help foster an atmosphere to connect with God.

We all don’t have to agree but before we make a rash judgement, lets give it a try and see how God can do wondrous things when we are open to change, open to the leading of the Spirit! This is what makes us an awesome group together: we have many different people with various backgrounds all coming together to worship God and to shine the light of Jesus in the world.

May our eyes, ears, minds and hearts be open to your Spirit as we move and flow with you, Lord! #journeytogether #journeywithGod #journeywithpeople

hollynaz-1-1On a Journey Together to: Worship God, Love Others, Serve Our World

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