Christmas Day Now Gone


Christmas Day Now Gone

We have just gotten through what seems like a busy time
With parties and get
togethers and now a little rhyme.
This Christmas time has been fun,
But what to do when it’s 
all done?
Yes we all know that Jesus is the reason,
So why does everything take away from the Spirit of the season.
Peace on earth is what we say,
But now we sit in silence without so much of a way.
Where do we go? What do we do?
Christmas is Here, I haven’t a clue.

Now hope began to sprout with a tiny baby born.
Its not about the decorations, trees or presents torn.
It’s about one simple thing, one joyful night.
Where God 
came down and gave the shepherds quite a fright.
“Don’t be afraid” is what the angels said,
Go and see this baby all wrapped up asleep in His bed.
Many came to worship and give praise,
For God had now entered our world where He stay
is with us forevermore
And Life with Him will never be a bore.

Born again because God loves,
Life transformed is what God does.
So what to do, what to say
Jesus was born this very day.
To give life, abundant and free
That the world may know and be…


Love of God and love of others,
God in His master plan showed us the way.
So what to do, what to say?
How to be this Christmas day.
Speak Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.
One to all and all for love.


(The artwork is The Adoration of the Shepherds by Hugo van der Goes, circa 1480)


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